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Copyright Information and Privacy Policy (updated 30th January 2018) 

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Copyright Information

  • SUBMIT Media is the owner of, and reserves all rights to, some of the material published on this website, including audio, video, electronic, multimedia, photographic, and written forms.
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  • Requesting permission: To request permission for reprinting, publishing, licensing, or for any other use of any material or works on this website, write to SUBMIT Media at the postal address provided above. Provide in writing the following information: your name (and title); the name, postal and email addresses, and telephone numbers of your organization; the mission and purpose of your organization; similar information for any other relevant contact persons in your organization; a detailed description of the material for which you are requesting permission, and where it is located on our website; and a detailed description of your intention and purpose of use of the material (how and why it will be used, published, and distributed).
  • SUBMIT Media reserves the right to deny or withdraw permission, for any reason, for use of any material published on this website.

Privacy Policy

  • SUBMIT Media does not sell or share email addresses and personal information of visitors to other companies or organizations.
  • Our Web host's server automatically recognizes only the domain name, but not the individual email address, of visitors to our website.

SUBMIT Media may collect the following kinds of information on behalf of your Organisation when you, your colleagues or other users access the Services:


Customer data. Through use of the Services, you, your colleagues, your Organisation and other users will directly provide or submit information to ("Customer Data"). Customer Data includes, for example:

  • contact details, such as full name and email address;
  • demographic details;
  • username and password;
  • all content that you create, share or post in audio, video, text, images and other media that you provide on or through the Services, or that are provided on your behalf, including information in or about the content that you provide, such as the location of a digital content or the date when content was created;
  • all communications with other users of the Services;
  • user communications, feedback, suggestions and ideas sent to us;
  • billing information used for donation or when buying services; and
  • information that you provide to us when you or your Organisation contact or engage us for support regarding the Services.
  • The information we collect is used for internal review in order to improve the content and layout of our website, to customize the content and/or layout of website for individual visitors, and to notify visitors about updates to our website. This information is not shared with, or sold to, other organizations for commercial or other purposes.
  • We use cookies to store visitors' preferences, to record activity at the website in order to provide better service when visitors return to our site, to ensure that visitors are not repeatedly sent the same ads, and to customize Web page content based on visitors' browser type or other information that the visitor sends.
  • If you do not want to receive email from us, let us know by writing to us at the above email address.